Ron Surma

is a C# programmer extraordinare as well as a software technology visionary.


In 2015, Ron wrote mobile .NET software for SmartThings in Palo Alto. His largest effort was the localization of the software for use in German and Korean.

In 2012 Ron wrote the complete C# XAML user interface for a new RF based cosmetic surgery instrument for Solta Medical of Hayward. Before that, he built a mobile laptop C# .NET app which coordinated multiple H.264 outputs from surveillance cameras for RVision of San Jose.

In 2007, Ron whipped up an improved user interface using C# and WPF for FoxHollow Technologies. He also moved the configuration from the Registry to an XML format and added a saline pump interface.

Cirrus In 2005 and 2006, Ron was the original contributor for opthamologic calibration C# software for the new Cirrus opthamology analyzer built by Carl Zeiss Meditec.

D10 In 2004, he finished a software contract with Bio-Rad Laboratories of Hercules, where he designed and built the LIS1A and LIS2A communications layers for the interface of a D-10 Hemoglobin analyzer to a Laboratory Information System. The software was built as a general purpose API such that it could be used for various Bio-Rad instruments. He also built the LIS Simulator, which is an MFC based real time control and monitoring simulation vehicle which allows 100% coverage testing of the Bio-Rad instrument. In response to the rave reviews of the implementation, Ron has formed Bio Engine Consulting, a company of one specializing in medical device software implementations. Ron started out writing call processing programs for Class 5, PABX and long distance telephony at Bell Labs and GTE Automatic Electric Labs. email Ron at: .

Ron plays both 2 and 6 man volleyball at Club Sport Fremont and Club Sport Pleasanton, trading in the stock market, reading political science texts (see "The Power of Many" by Meg Whitman) and maintaining the estate. Always the pinball wizard, Ron plays, fixes and upgrades his two pinball machines, Indiana Jones, the Pinball Adventure and Starship Troopers. There is always room for one more pinball machine in the game room!

As Supreme Webmaster of this web site with a staff of HTML guru Deanna Surma, Ron has taken on the task of documenting the activities of the Grand Duchy of Barre. As a citizen of the GDB with the title of the Right Knight, he is a member of the Senior Council and helps to plan activities for this small but influential virtual monarchy.

Ron is NOT the Ron Surma in the casting credits of Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Next Generation but is and shall always be a Trekkie. A little known factoid is that Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) is a Northwestern grad! If she would have been a Kellogg rather than a Theater student, she would have written herself a much better contract! Live Long and Prosper!